Being a Fairtrade Borough


The way that the international trading systems work mean that small farmers in developing countries are greatly disadvantaged. By choosing to buy products that have the FAIRTRADE mark consumers can be assured that the goods have been produced under agreed labour and environmental standards that directly benefit farmers and their families and give them a route out of poverty. The unique factor about the FAIRTRADE label is that farmers also receive a Fairtrade premium which has to be used to fund and develop health , education of infrastructure facilities for the community as a whole .There are now over 6,000 Fairtrade products which include gold, cotton wool, ice cream, olive oil as well as tea coffee and chocolate . FAIRTRADE products can be bought in your local stores please see page 4 for a list of what you can buy where in shops in Sutton .

How did Sutton become a FAIRTRADE town ?

Sutton Council passed a resolution to support FAIRTRADE  on 24 January 2005 and Sutton  was  first awarded Fairtrade status on 1.3.2007 . This  was renewed on 1 June 2012 and 5.10.2015 making Sutton one of 617 FAIRTRADE towns .  Sutton  Fairtrade community group  includes representatives from businesses, voluntary groups, churches, schools as well as the council . It undertakes activities during the year to promote and extend awareness of FAIRTRADE including stalls at local events and an annual audit of Fairtrade outlets.

Every year Fairtrade is commemorated in Fairtrade Fortnight which in 2017 will take place between 27 February and 12 March.


To find out more about how FAIRTRADE  nationally and internationally go to or

 Dates of local activities

  • Next meeting Wednesday  8 November  at the Salvation Army Sutton 6.15- for 6.30
  • Dates of other Fairtrade activities
  • Fairtrade Debate  Thursday 23 November 7.00- 9.00 UCL – London Institute of Education 20 Bedford Way WC1H OALFairtrade Activists value the difference we can all make through our shopping decisions.  We value Trade Justice as a tool of Social Justice because it is empowering and creates positive energy.  Fairtrade Activists in North West London have developed debates as a means of bringing like-minded people together to discuss the issues of our time.  In 2015, the debate was “Where is Fairtrade going?”, in 2016, it was “Does Fairtrade have a future?”.  With the development of Cocoa Fair, Cocoa Plan, Fairly Traded and other ethical initiatives, Fairtrade Activists have questions. How will this impact on our campaigning?  How can we continue to influence our communities?  How do we share the message that Trade Justice matters? The Debates provide a safe space to ask questions and seek answers

    In 2017, the Fairtrade Debate is moving to Central London and the title of the debate will be decided by Fairtrade Activists across London.

Other news

  • Sutton Fairtrade group have also taken part in the national movement opposing Sainsbury’s decision to drop the FAIRTRADE mark from their own – brand tea and replace it with their own “Fairly Traded “label  by writing to local Sainsbury’s stores and signing the national petition which now has over 90,000 signatures   a petition
  • Waitrose have announced that they are strengthening their commitment to Fairtrade – all their own brand tea for example will carry the FAIRTRADE mark













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