Report from AGM 2016

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Sutton FAIRTRADE Community Group

Chairpersons’ report to AGM June 2017

Sutton is a Fairtrade Borough its status was originally obtained 1.3.2007 and most recently renewed 5. 10. 2015. It will be due for renewal again in the forthcoming year.

Membership and participation

The group has 10 members who include representatives from the business and religious communities in Sutton as well as the nominated representative from Sutton Council who is also the Deputy Leader .There are also representatives from the voluntary sector including Eco local. Currently there are no representatives from schools although the group has developed links and networks with individuals in particular schools over the course of time.

The group is a member of the London regional Fairtrade Forum and representatives attend the Quarterly meetings that are held at City Hall.


The group has compiled and ACTION PLAN which informs its activity and which has been integral to the awarding of its borough status. The principle provisions and themes of the action plan are:

  • Holding stalls to sell and publicise FAIRTRADE. The group facilitated 3 stalls during 2016/2017 as usual. These were held at the Frost Fair in Carshalton in December, at the new Sainsbury’s store in Sutton during Fairtrade fortnight, and at the Environmental Fayre on August bank holiday Monday. The stalls provide opportunities for interaction with the public about the value and importance of Fairtrade for the producers and their communities in enabling them to have sustainable livelihoods.
  • The group undertook its usual annual audit of FAIRTRADE outlets in the borough which is available on the website. This involves group members visiting all the shops and cafes in person in the borough with a view to identifying the FAIRTRADE products that they sell.
  • It was noted in the 2016/17 audit that there has been a reduction in the range of FAIRTRADE products in some supermarkets, for example instant coffee and honey.
  • It is an opportunity to raise awareness about FAIRTRADE and the borough status in conversations with retailers. Leaflets and copies of the certificates are provided to retailers as part of this process.
  • Networking activities by group members, which have included school visits. John Fisher School and St Philomena’s in particular have continued their support for FAIRTRADE fortnight . St Philomena’s School for Girls had a held an event during FAIRTRADE Fortnight under the Geography Curriculum heading : Food & Farming; Globalisation & Development.

We are aware that other schools may have undertaken similar work but do not have the information available to be able to publicise this.

  • A number of churches in the borough support FAIRTRADE as part of their day to day activities, such as Carshalton beeches Baptist and Holy Trinity. We have continued to maintain a list of churches in the borough and it is anticipated that further attempts will be made to publicise the existence of the FAIRTRADE group forum in 2017/18.
  • We have continued to receive an active level of support from the Local Co- Operative group who have facilitated the provision of items and prizes for stalls as well as direct activities in promoting FAIRTRADE during Fairtrade fortnight in distributing “Goodie bags “to local residents The Salvation Army continue to support us by enabling us to have use of their facilities for meetings and always make us very welcome. We have also received one off vouchers towards products from Sainsbury’s.
  • Group members participate in meetings of London Fairtrade network which is supported by City Hall. This is an opportunity to meet members of other FAIRTRADE groups across London, to learn about what is happening nationally, and to share knowledge.
  • Contacts have continued with the MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake during the year who has continued to add his voice to the FAIRTRADE movement. As yet it has not been possible for the group to meet with the MP for Sutton and Cheam Paul Scully to ascertain his views in relation to Fairtrade and the group hope to be able to do this in 2017/18 .. The Mayor attended the FAIRTRADE event stall in Sainsbury’s during FAIRTRADE fortnight.


Judy Walsh Chair 30.6.2017










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Where Has Your Breakfast Come From?

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Before you finish your breakfast you will have depended on half the world .


Drop by for a FAIRTRADE BREAKFAST at  the  Oasis Café Trinity Church, Sutton:

On Saturday 5 March

Between   9.30-11.30


There is no cost but donations are welcome.


You can find the entrance to the Oasis café at the corner of St Nicholas Way and Hill Road (opposite library and civic offices)


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Fairtrade Borough status renewed

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2016 - Fairtrade Borough Cert.jpg

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Autumn Update

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  • Sutton has recently been successful in its application to renew its FAIRTRADE certification . The process has involved the update of the borough’s action plan for churches , businesses , schools and the council to work together to support and promote FAIRTRADE locally over the course of  next 2 years.
  • FAIRTRADE fortnight for the year 2016 has been announced – it will take place between Monday 29 February and Sunday 13 March . It will follow the theme of Martin Luther King’s famous words
“Before you finish eating breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world”- it will be all about  breakfasts – so whether you are a school , church, business or individual  do start thinking about what you can do  about to mark this important event . you can find out more at www.fairtrade.org.uk
  • Mars have now decided to source all the cocoa that goes into their mars bars in UK and Ireland on FAIRTRADE terms . This follows on from their decision in 2012 to turn Maltesers Fairtrade  . This means that not only will  West African farmers be getting a fair price for their cocoa, Mars will now also be investing £1.5 million a year by 2016 into West African cocoa communities through the Fairtrade Premium. This is the extra money on top of the fair price that goes back to farmers for them to democratically decide how to invest in improving their farms and communities.
This is all good news….  but the  FAIRTRADE  movement still has a long way to go. Farmers in developing countries want to be able to sell more of their produce on Fairtrade terms and  need us to create the sustain the demand as we shop. At the same time there is an increasingly competitive climate between supermarkets and some FAIRTRADE products are being de- listed.
 YOU can help ! Look for Fairtrade alternatives when you shop and ask if its not there. Check out our audit to see where you can buy Fairtrade in Sutton : https://fairtradeinsutton.wordpress.com/where-to-find-fairtrade-goods/
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Fairtrade Fortnight – Events in Sutton

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  • Saturday 28th February: Film “Fairtrade Matters” –  showing at Carshalton Community Cinema 3.00pm and 7.30 pm
  • Saturday 7th March: Stall in St Nicholas centre – free samples and information
  • 8th March Rosehill Co-op – 1.30 pm – Fairtrade product tastings
  • Saturday 14th March: Stall at Wallington Market – more free samples and opportunity to purchase Fairtrade products

Check out our stall from the Carshalton Co-op taster session last week!


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Councillor appointed

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The Council has confirmed that at their recent Annual meeting, appointed Councillor Simon Wales to serve as their representative on the Fair Trade Directorate for the municipal year 2014/2015.

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Local MP celebrates World Fairtrade Day

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Windsor Davies joined local MP, Paul Burstow for a Fairtrade Breakfast on 11 May 2013 at TazZa coffee shop in Sutton High Street.

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A warm welcome at TazZa

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A warm welcome from the team at TazZa, to celebrate World Fairtrade Day.

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Marks and Spencer

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Well done M&S for going further for Fairtrade and letting people know with your big sign outside the Sutton store on 4 May.  Hope to see some Fairtrade t- shirts back on the shelf  now summer is here.

Judy Walsh, Chair, Fairtrade in Sutton.

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