Where to find fairtrade goods

Where to find Fairtrade goods

There are a number of shops and cafes in the borough offering Fairtrade products.  If in your travels you find something on offer that we have not listed and or items that need to be amended  please get in touch with us and we will add or amend the list .

Last updated January 2017


Apple Juice

Carshalton– Co-Op, Westcroft Sports café

Cheam: -Greggs

Hackbridge – Sainsbury’s


Worcester Park:- Greggs


Wallington – Noah’s (dried)


Beddington / Roundshaw– Co – op Roundshaw

Carshalton/ Green Wrythe lane – M&S garage, Co-Op (Carshalton High Street), Sainsbury’s

Carshalton Beeches Co-Op, Sainsbury’s local Stanley Park

Cheam: – St Michael’s Greengrocers (variable) Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s North Cheam

Hackbridge – Sainsbury’s

Sutton:   M&S, Sainsbury’s

Wallington: Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s local, Noah’s – dried bananas

Worcester Park: Ross Fruits (Term time only) Waitrose

Beauty Products

Sutton: Boots – Body Butter (x 7) Body wash 9×7) Body Spray (x 30)

Just be natural  http://www.justbenatural.co.uk

– hand and foot body lotion and lip balm , butter Ghara and  Cocoa butter





Carshalton/Green Wrythe lane – Oxfam (Carshalton High Street)

Wallington– Oasis




Carshalton: Co-Op

Rosehill: Co-Op

Cereals and Cereal Bars


Cacao Powder / Cooking Chocolate

North Cheam – Sainsbury’s


Beddington / Roundshaw– Co-op Roundshaw

Carshalton/ Green Wrythe Lane – M&S (Dairy Milk +Green and Black), Nisa, (Dairy Milk + Green/ Black + Kit Kat,) Oxfam (Divine) Co-op (Truly Irresistible + Dairy milk)

-Sainsbury’s, (Belgian, Maya Gold, Green/ Blacks and Dairy Milk)

Post office Beacon grove (High Street), Sassis Café Carshalton Park

Carshalton Beeches– Co-op Banstead Road , Sainsbury’s local Stanley Park , Woodcote green Garden Centre ,Noah’s ,M&S BP Connect  ( Divine Kit Kat )Beeches News , Nisa , Beeches Express ( Gordon road ) Stanley Superstore, Londis  J&R Newsagents  ( Stanley Park Road )

Cheam:- Smiths,  Waitrose ( Green/ black and boxes of chocolates ) Piggies  café ( Kit Kat ), Daily mail Newsagents ( Dairy milk), Tesco’s( Dairy milk + boxes of chocolates Green and black x12 and x24 + Green/ black chocolate bars ) Sainsbury’s North Cheam – (Dairy milk + large range of Green/ Blacks   ( 15 ) + boxes of Green/ Black Chocolates 24 + 12)

Hackbridge –Sainsbury’s- (Kit Kat Maltesers Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut; Buttons; Green & Black Bars x6 Taste the Difference x 4 ,)

Today Local, Mux Express, Hackbridge Newsagents – (Dairy Milk)

Sutton:    Top of Sutton – BP garage /Tesco Express / Sutton Express/J Leo newsagents / Nugent’s newsagents /Morrison’s / Wilko (Green and Blacks)

-Bottom of Sutton – Dairy milk – Superdrug / Quiz, Peacocks food and wine / Asda

other chocolate Green and Blacks Asda, M&S own brand / Oxfam – Divine, Sainsbury’s Green and Blacks including Boxes of chocolates 24 and 12

Wallington:- Best Asia ( 39/41 Stafford Road ) Best one ( 64 Stafford road ) Sainsbury’s ( wide selection)  Sainsbury’s local,  TFX , Wallington Grocery ,Iceland , Tesco Local , Smiths ( dairy milk only )Oasis ( seasonal chocolate i.e. advent calendar )

Worcester Park – Dairy milk Iceland /Smiths/Visa Local /Jolley’s newsagents /Sainsbury’s/ Cost Cutter/ Food and wine shop/Waitrose

Other chocolate -Green and Blacks and KitKat , Road and Rite Newsagents /Green and Blacks , Sainsbury’s/ Maltesers and Kit Kat  – Cost cutter / Kit Kat – Waitrose

Boxes of chocolates – Green and blacks- Waitrose



Beddington / Roundshaw– Co -op Roundshaw (Ground and Instant)

Carshalton / Green Wrythe Lane- M&S Garage (Ground / Capsules) Nisa ( Ground ), Co-op ( instant , ground and beans )Sainsbury’s ( ground ) , Oxfam ( Instant ground and beans ), Westcroft Sports café

Carshalton Beeches – M&S BP Connect ( Ground , Instant , Decaf)  C0- Op Banstead Road ( Ground and Instant) Sainsbury’s Stanley Park Road , Green Apple ( Stafford Road) Woodcote Garden Centre Cafe’s Stennings Bakery Beeches Lounge Café( Beeches Avenue ) Pizza Express  ( Stafford Road )

Cheam – Pizza Express ( coffee beans ) ,Waitrose ( Instant and ground ) Sainsbury'(Ground ), Tesco’s ( Ground ) Sainsbury’s North Cheam Instant including de- caf , and Ground ( large range )

Hackbridge Sainsbury’s (Ground x 3; Beans x 1; Coffee pods x 1)

Sutton –  top endTesco express (Ground )/Sutton Station M & S /Pizza Express ( beans ) /Greggs /Waterstones Café /Morrison’s Café /Morrison shop -(Instant , decaf ,ground) Sainsbury’s Ground x 30 Instant x 3 M& S , Asda

Wallington– Instant – Sainsbury’s Sainsbury’s local , Oasis , Woodcote green Garden centre , Coffee beans  – Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s Local, and Lidl , Ground coffee-Tesco , Oasis , Woodcote Green Garden Centre, Sainsbury’s ( wide range )

Worcester Park Sainsbury’s local (ground) Waitrose – (Ground & instant) Greggs

Cotton Bag

Carshalton -Co-op

Cotton Wool

Beddington / Roundshaw– Co-op Roundshaw

Carshalton / Green Wrythe lane– Co-0p ( Carshalton High Street)

Sutton- M&S (Cotton wool and cotton buds)



Dried Fruit

Carshalton– Oxfam

Drinking Chocolate and Cocoa

  • Beddington / Roundshaw – Co-op Roundshaw
  • Carshalton / Green Wrythe lane-M&S Garage , Nisa ( 2 varieties + Sachets),Sainsbury’s and Oxfam
  • Carshalton Beeches – Co-op( Banstead Road) , Londis ( Stanley Park Road )Pizza Express , M&S wild bean Café BP Connect ,
  • Cheam– Daily Mail Newsagents , Sainsbury’s , Waitrose , Tesco’s , Sainsbury’s North Cheam
  • Hackbridge Sainsbury’s, Hackbridge Newsagent:
  • Sutton– Top of Sutton – Tesco Express /M & S Sutton Station /J Leo Newsagents /Greggs
  • – bottom of Sutton – Marks and  Spencers / Peacocks food and wine /Asda, Waterstones Café , Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s
  • Wallington –  Best Asia ( 39/41 Stafford Road ), Sainsbury’s, Oasis , Tesco local , Iceland
  • Worcester Park – Iceland /Londis/Visa Local /Trolleys Newsagents /Cost Cutter/ Waitrose

Easter Eggs

Carshalton – Oxfam, Co-op,

Sutton – Oxfam

Wallington – Oasis – (high street) Wallington Green Garden Centre, Sainsbury’s


Carshalton / Green Wrythe Lane- Co-op (Carshalton High Street)

Carshalton Beeches Co-op (Banstead Road)

Cheam– Waitrose, Sainsbury’s/ North Cheam

Sutton – M &S, Morrison’s

Wallington– Sainsbury’s


Carshalton / GreenWrythe lane  – Oxfam

Household items

Wallington- Oasis – Tissues, toilet paper, kitchen roll,

Carshalton/ Wrythe lane – Co- Op

Carshalton Beeches – Co- Op Banstead Road

Ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s)

Beddington/ Roundshaw – Co- Op Roundshaw

Carshalton Beeches – Co- Op Banstead Road

Cheam– Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s/ North Cheam

Sutton -Asda /Peacocks food and wine /Tesco express – top of Sutton Greggs, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Sutton Cinema

Wallington– Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Iceland

Worcester Park– Waitrose


Jam and other spreads

Carshalton/ Wrythe Lane – M&S Garage – Raspberry and Marmalade

Carshalton Beeches – M&S BP connect – Carshalton Road

Cheam– Sainsbury’s / North Cheam (Strawberry and Raspberry)

Sutton– M&S (x 5) and marmalade (x4) Sutton Station (M&S) (x 1)

Wallington– Sainsbury’s and Oasis



Sutton -Good Food (dried)

Wallington – Noah’s (dried)


Sutton– Good Food





Carshalton / Green Wrythe Lane – Oxfam (Carshalton)

Cheam- Tesco’s (North Cheam) – peanuts /cashews/ raisins

Wallington– Sainsbury’s (Cashews /peanuts) Tesco’s (nuts and raisins)

Olive Oil

Carshalton / Green Wrythe lane – Oxfam ( Carshalton High Street)

Cheam- Sainsbury’s North Cheam

Wallington– Sainsbury’s


Orange Juice

Carshalton/ GreenWrythe lane- Westcroft Sports Café

Sutton – Greggs

Worcester Park,-Greggs


Wallington – Oasis


Sutton – Good Food (dried)

Wallington – Noah’s (dried)


Wallington – Oasis


School Uniforms


Carshalton Beeches – Bart’s Black Peppercorns -Woodcote green Garden centre

Wallington- Sainsbury’s (ground pepper / peppercorns) and Sainsbury’s local



Beddington/ Roundshaw – Co-op Rounds haw ( x4)

Carshalton / Green Wrythe Lane – Nisa, Co-op (Carshalton high Street)

Carshalton Beeches – Co- Op Banstead Road , M&S BP connect , Beeches Express ( Gordon Road ) Stanley Superstore , J&R Newsagents , Londis, Sainsbury’s ( Stanley Park Road ) Green Apple ( Stafford Road ) Woodcote Green Cafe’s , Pizza Express

Cheam- Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Daily Mail Newsagents, Tesco’s( x3 ), Sainsbury’s North Cheam ( x3)

Hackbridge –Sainsbury’s(x 5) Today Local (x3) Mex Express (x1) Hackbridge Newsagent (x3)

Sutton – Marks & Spencer’s (own brands) Peacock’s food and wine, Tazza Cafe, Sutton Express, Sainsbury’s (x 8)

Wallington – Best one 64 Stafford Road, Best Asia 39/41 Stafford Road, Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s local, TFX, Wallington Grocery, Oasis (Brown and Demerara) Sainsbury’s (white)

Worcester Park – Visa Local, Jolley’s Newsagents, Sainsbury’s local, Cost cutter, Pizza Express, Waitrose


Carshalton– Oxfam   Butter fudge and Jelly beans


Beddington/ Carshalton – Co- Op (x5)

Carshalton / Green Wrythe Lane – M&S garage – wide selection, Sainsbury’s and Co-op (Carshalton high street), Sassis Café Carshalton Park

Carshalton Beeches– M&S BP connect ( x5) , Co-op( Banstead Road)  , Sainsbury’s (Stanley Park Road )Noah’s  ( x 11)  and Green Apple  ( x3 ) Stafford Road , Woodcote green Garden centre, Saragama Restaurant

Cheam,- Sainsbury’s Waitrose (x8), Tesco’s (Green tea and gold tea bags) Sainsbury’s North Cheam (Large range)

Hackbridge –Sainsbury’s (x6)

Sutton – Waterstones Café , Morrison’s Café , Greggs , Morrison’s shop , Sutton Station M &S, Marks & Spencer’s ( own brands lots ) Holland and Barrett ( clipper) Nature’s Aid Health Store ( Pukka), Sainsbury’s ( large range )Asda – ( Pukka and Clipper )

Wallington– Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s local, Oasis, Lidl

Worcester Park– Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (wide range), Greggs


Beddington/ Roundshaw – Co-op Roundshaw

Carshalton / Green Wrythe Lane – M&S BP Connect (Red x2 and White x2), Co-op red white and boxes (Carshalton High Street)

Carshalton Beeches – Co-op Beeches Avenue (white, red, raised), M&S BP connect (White)

Cheam- Waitrose ( red and rose ) Sainsbury’s ( red), Tesco’s  – red x 1 white x 2 , Sainsbury’s/ North Cheam – Red x 4 , Rose x1

Hackbridge –Sainsbury’s- Red(x 3)

Sutton – Sutton Station ( M&S) White , Morrison’s- White ( fish hook ) Rose ( fish Hook) Red ( Fair exchange ) , Sainsbury’s( red x 1 , white x2 Rose x 1)

Wallington- Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Tesco

Worcester Park– Waitrose (white/ red rose), Sainsbury’s- red















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